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       In 1992, the president Lee Jyh Kae under the invitation of the government of Zhejiang province set up Huangyan Gold Great-wall Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd and it is the first solely Taiwan enterprise specializing in all kinds of metallic yarn. By nearly 20 years development, the enterprise has become the biggest metallic yarn manufacturer in the world now. In 2006, we set up Taizhou Zhanshuo Precision Technology & Science Co., Ltd with the production area 20,000 square meter by investing USD9,180,000. This company is Specialized in producing all kinds of silver metalized, aluminum metalized etc. which are all high grade film products, and widely using in high technology electronic products, laser type and special textiles.

       For develop towards high technology, and purchased the most advanced highest technology metalized equipment in the


world from Japan to study out production pure silver film item. And successfully break the situation that the Japaní»s products monopolize the international market. Our project was obtained offizielle Antwort from the State Council National Development and Reform Committee on October 23th, 2007, and be confirmed as the technological advanced which is the blank project and need to fill in mainland. In addition, our enterprise prized award the Taizhou city Huangyan district science and technology project.

       Since pure silver film has the advantages of weight reduction process (Georgett process) silk scouring and dyeing. Height pressure and temperature dye. Could resistant strong sour alkali, the post-processing condition is good,high glossiness and brightness, strong reflectivity, and the products are equipped with Light resistance and Weathering resistance, Long-term use etc. advantages. Therefore the pure silver film products could be widely used in special textiles, the reflecting film which is used in the electronic precision apparatus and the wiring film which is used in the mobile phone and so on highly area sophisticated products.

       All the time we are effort on making high-quality goods, new products, thereby win customersí» trust and confirm base on the perfect quality. Our manufacture will constantly improve innovation. We sincerely welcome the customer both at home and abroad to cooperate with us and create the promising future together.

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